Pierre started his career in costume as a costumier in theatre. In 1989 he moved into television, designing 23 television series.From there he moved into made for TV feature films and then onto international motion pictures. Pierre is considered to be one of the top Costume Designers in the industry and his portfolio is extensive and incredibly impressive. His dynamic diversity and creativity are clearly apparent and his vast experience an asset to any production.

 Name of Movie







STEALING TIME Makadi Entertainment Darrel James Roodt   ORANGE MOBILE Velocity Films Drake Doremus
WINNIE Ironwood Films Darrel James Roodt   ARMSTRONG Egg Films Slim
AFRICA UNITED BBC/ PATHE Debs Gardner   DSTV Bouffant Films Mark Seldalfsky
MASTER HARROLD AND THE BOYS Spier films Lonny Price   MAHINDRA Bouffant Films Mark Seldalfsky
LIFE IS WILD Paramount Pictures Brian Grant/ Ed Fraiman   PROPERTY 24 Bouffant Films Dean Bloomberg
GALLOWWALKER Sheers films Andrew Goth   HARPIC Fresh Eye Films Danny Vlimas
CRYPTIOD Gold Island Studios Michael Sellers/Darryl Roodt   LOXION CULTURE Fresh Eye Films Danny Vlimas
TSOTSI Movieworld Gavin Hood   ESCOM Velocity Films Greg Grey
PREY Ingenious films Darrel James Roodt   AMSTEL Velocity Films Greg Grey
NUMBER 10 Sagewise 76 Darrel James Roodt   COCO POPS Fringe Films Cloe Coetzee
MAN TO MAN Vetigo/ Skyline Regis Wargnier   CASTLE LIGHT Fringe Films Jono Hall
DRUM Armada Films Zola Maseko   MAC DONALDS Fringe Films Jono Hall
LOVES CURSE Krimson Knight Productions David Lister   VICKS Velocity Films Mpho Twala
BESERKERS: HELLS WARRIOR Peakviewing Int Paul Matthews   DENTYNE Velocity Films Greg Bailey
AFRICA Peakviewing Int David Lister   DEAD MAN WALKING 7 Films Lourence van Rensburg
DAZZEL Peakviewing Int David Lister   ABSA Egg Films Slim
HOODLUM AND SON Peakviewing Int Ashley Way   NANDO’S Egg Films Slim
MERLIN Peakviewing Int Paul Matthews   WIMPY Egg Films Slim
HOODED ANGELS Peakviewing Int Paul Matthews   GARMIN Egg Films Slim
PETS Peakviewing Int David Lister   TOYOTA Bouffant Films Dean Bloomberg
LITTLE UNICORN Peakviewing Int Paul Matthews   SOUTHERN SUN Bouffant Films Dean Bloomberg
THE LAST LEPRICHAUN Peakviewing Int David Lister   KFC Bouffant Films Dean Bloomberg
RED TIDE New World Pictures Bob Misirowski   NANDO’S Bouffant Films Dean Bloomberg
COLD HARVEST New World Pictures Isaac Florentine   KFC Bouffant Films Dean Bloomberg
ARMEGEDDON: THE FINAL CHALLENGE ACT International Michael Garcia   MEDIC CLINIC Bouffant Films Jenna Theron
        JIK Fresh Eye Films Danny Vlimas
        WILTSHIRE Fringe Films Jono Hall
        CAPITECH Fringe Films Jono Hall
        8ta Fringe Films Jono Hall
        DETTOL Bouffant Films Andre Liebenberg
        VASELINE Bouffant Films Andre Liebenberg
        KNORR Fringe Films Chloe Coetzee
        GUINESS Monkey Films/ Blink Productions Bennito


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